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Welcome to Sonic Vision. We provide online access to world class audio mastering and mixing services at rates tailored to the independent artist and small label. Founder, veteran Los Angeles based audio engineer Mike Milchner, has been obsessed with mastering for over a decade and has put his twenty plus years of experience as a recording and mixing engineer to good use in his career as a mastering engineer.

As mastering is the final step before duplication it offers a unique opportunity to significantly improve the sound of your mixes. At Sonic Vision we utilize both the surgical precision of digital processing and the harmonic generation and warmth of analog. We carefully and skillfully work to accentuate all the qualities and sensibilities that you've worked so hard to create.

We look to go beyond just making your CD louder and consistent from track to track, but to enhance and maximize it's overall character and appeal. You'll hear more fullness, clarity and power than you thought possible. You'll finally experience your music in all it's glory!

Mike's mastering skills just put the icing on the cake, ... by the time it was done I couldn't stop smiling.
Kirk Hulshoff
Zombie Shaker Box
Mike works his magic, Boom! The sound steps up to the Big Leagues!
Jerry Juden
The Shamus Twins
I honestly feel Mike is the finest engineer I have ever worked with - bar none.
Lear Schwarze
3 Day Monks, The Palisades, Liquid Black
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