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MasteringMixing Board and Headphones is the art & science of transforming "final mixes" into "Final Masters" suitable for commercial distribution. Without it, your music will not achieve its full potential and will struggle to compete in today's competitive environment. It is an absolute requirement if you want to present the most professional production possible.

We use both analog and digital processing to create your final masters. Analog processing is handled primarily by two powerful and unique hardware units. The first one is the Fatso Jr. by Empirical Labs. This box creates the "musical non-linearities" exhibited by tube, class A discrete, and magnetic tape mediums. The net result is it enhances and softens the sound of today's digital productions and musically integrates frequencies and transients while increasing the apparent volume without actual increase in peak levels. The other analog unit we use almost all the time is the Manley Vari-Mu Limiter/Compressor. This unit has become a defacto standard among reputable mastering facilities worldwide. It's famous for adding that certain "glue" to mixes that just simply makes music sound better.

All conversion and clocking is through an Apogee Rosetta 800. While digital processing varies from song to song it generally includes any combination of the following plug-ins from various manufactures: EQ's, multi-band compressors, harmonic alignment, bass enhancement, spatial manipulation, limiting, dithering and whatever else might be necessary.

Monitoring is handled through a combination of the following: near to mid-field - Dynaudio BM15A's; near-fields - Yamaha NS-10M's and Event TR5's; Sub - Yamaha; Headphones - AKG.

About ISRC Codes

If you don't have ISRC codes we recommend CD Baby.

Separation Mastering

Mixing Board And Wave

While mastering is dramatic in its effect, it is limited in its ability to change the balance between instruments and to correct major sonic issues without negatively effecting other elements in the mix. So, if you're not satisfied with your mixes, or you're not confident in your mixing abilities, you may want to consider separation mastering.

What is Separation Mastering? It is simply mastering with sub mixes, which are referred to as separations. In other words, instead of mastering a traditional two channel stereo mix we would use multiple two channel sub mixes. These sub mixes, or separations, usually consist of the following: drums, cymbals, bass, guitars, keyboards, lead vocals, backing vocals, etc.

By separating your mix into these separate elements we can process each element according to it's own needs and rebalance the mix, if desired. While the results are impressive it cannot replace remixing if that is what is ultimately needed, it can however help in resolving discrepancies with mixing judgments and ease the pressure of using more studio time for mixing than you may have budgeted for. It also greatly enhances the mastering engineers ability to optimally balance the sonic picture of your mixes without compromising the other elements within the mix and it enables you to have your mix processed with equipment and techniques that you may not have access to.

If this technique is of interest to you Contact Us to discuss the details of your project and how to best proceed with your final mixes.

About ISRC Codes

If you don't have ISRC codes we recommend CD Baby.


Mixing Board

Sonic Vision also provides first class Mixing Services in both stereo and 5.1 surround. We can help you mix just your drum tracks or any other element that you are having difficulties with or we can mix the entire song. We are also available for a listening evaluation consultation to provide you with a second, professional opinion with recommendations and technique suggestions on how to improve your mixes. This evaluation along with separation mastering can yield results that you may have thought you could not achieve on your own and can be a great way to stay within your budget.

Mixing has long been a passion of Mike's for most of his career. His style focuses on creating big organic drum sounds and a wide, enveloping sound field that remains true to the vibe you have created. He has been strongly influenced by mixers such as Brendan O'Brien and Chris and Tom Lord Alge. His mixing talents are best suited for rock, from alternative to rockabilly.

Final mixing is completed within Pro Tools. This allows for the total recall of mixes. Before you sign off on a mix we will have you take it out into the real world for objective listening tests, then we can make additional changes based on those experiences.

Even though the final mix is completed digitally in Pro Tools a number of tracks are processed with external analog gear resulting in a hybrid mixing process. Generally it takes about four to five hours to mix a 4 minute song including updates.



We work with many local area musicians providing a full service, one stop shop for virtually all their production needs. We have a stellar reputation for recording and mixing acoustic drums. We work with many local world class drummers who are available to record drum tracks for you. Contact us to discuss your drum needs and we will recommend a drummer and provide you with a price quote which includes drummer, studio and engineer. Pricing ranges between $150 - $300 per song.

We also have access to a huge selection of drums, including vintage kits, so you are sure to get the right sound for your song. (additional fees may apply)

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