1-3 Songs: $75.00 / Song
4-6 Songs: $72.00 / Song
7-9 Songs: $70.00 / Song
10+ Songs: $68.00 / Song

Separation Mastering

1-3 Songs: $100.00 / Song
4-6 Songs:$96.00 / Song
7-9 Songs:$93.00 / Song
10+ Songs:$90.00 / Song

Mastering Rates include:

  • Digital and analog processing.
  • Editing of heads & tails of each track, as needed.
  • Fades, as needed.
  • Up to 2 revisions.
  • Online file transfers.
  • One reference disc.

CDR Masters: $20.00 (2) Includes:

  • Sequencing & Track IDs
  • CD Text, ISRC, and UPC data entry.
  • Time sheet printout (PQ)

DDP Master: $20.00

Additional Reference Disc: $5.00 each.

Online Transfers: No Charge.

About ISRC Codes

If you don't have ISRC codes we recommend CD Baby.

Shipping and Handling:

US Postal Service First Class
1-3 Discs: $5.00
4 or more Discs: $6.00 plus $1.00 for each additional disc.

Rush and International Postage: Charged at current rates of courier used for destination requested.


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Hourly Rate Services

$60 per hour for Recording / Mixing / Editing / Vocal Tuning.

Flat Rate Mixing

$300.00/Song including revisions. Additional services such as editing and vocal tuning are charged at the hourly rate of $60/Hr. Contact Us to discuss your project in detail. You can then decide which is the better way to proceed, hourly or flat rate?


We accept cash, check, money order or PayPal. Please be aware that all checks and money orders require advance notice and the funds must clear our bank before you receive the finished master. This usually adds a few of extra days so plan accordingly.

Quality Control Disclaimer:

While we do everything in our power to ensure the highest quality product we strongly recommend that you listen to the entire disk very critically for any glitches or artifacts before mass duplication. It is ultimately your responsibility to confirm that the Master disk you submit for duplication is free from obvious artifacts or errors.

Sonic Vision is not liable for the quality of the disk/files after they leave our studio or are downloaded.

In the rare case you discover something wrong contact us and we will investigate, confirm and repair the problem for no charge if it occurred on our end of the process.

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