Sonic Vision offers the following audio production services


Mixing Board

Sonic Vision also provides first class Mixing Services in both stereo and 5.1 surround. We can help you mix just your drum tracks or any other element that you are having difficulties with or we can mix the entire song. We are also available for a listening evaluation consultation to provide you with a second, professional opinion with recommendations and technique suggestions on how to improve your mixes. This evaluation along with separation mastering can yield results that you may have thought you could not achieve on your own and can be a great way to stay within your budget.

Mixing has long been a passion of Mike's for most of his career. His style focuses on creating big organic drum sounds and a wide, enveloping sound field that remains true to the vibe you have created. He has been strongly influenced by mixers such as Brendan O'Brien and Chris and Tom Lord Alge. His mixing talents are best suited for rock, from alternative to rockabilly.

Final mixing is completed within Pro Tools. This allows for the total recall of mixes. Before you sign off on a mix we will have you take it out into the real world for objective listening tests, then we can make additional changes based on those experiences.

Even though the final mix is completed digitally in Pro Tools a number of tracks are processed with external analog gear resulting in a hybrid mixing process. Generally it takes about four to five hours to mix a 4 minute song including updates.

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