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Separation Mastering

Mixing Board And Wave

While mastering is dramatic in its effect, it is limited in its ability to change the balance between instruments and to correct major sonic issues without negatively effecting other elements in the mix. So, if you're not satisfied with your mixes, or you're not confident in your mixing abilities, you may want to consider separation mastering.

What is Separation Mastering? It is simply mastering with sub mixes, which are referred to as separations. In other words, instead of mastering a traditional two channel stereo mix we would use multiple two channel sub mixes. These sub mixes, or separations, usually consist of the following: drums, cymbals, bass, guitars, keyboards, lead vocals, backing vocals, etc.

By separating your mix into these separate elements we can process each element according to it's own needs and rebalance the mix, if desired. While the results are impressive it cannot replace remixing if that is what is ultimately needed, it can however help in resolving discrepancies with mixing judgments and ease the pressure of using more studio time for mixing than you may have budgeted for. It also greatly enhances the mastering engineers ability to optimally balance the sonic picture of your mixes without compromising the other elements within the mix and it enables you to have your mix processed with equipment and techniques that you may not have access to.

If this technique is of interest to you Contact Us to discuss the details of your project and how to best proceed with your final mixes.

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