Click on one of the songs below to hear a before and after track of our work. These short samples (Approx. 1:30) switch back and forth between the unmastered mix and the final mastered Sonic Vision version.

Listening Tips

While mp3's are not the ideal for critical listening they are good enough to get the point across. When evaluating these, or any other mastering samples, you must dig deeper than overall loudness. Listen to how these songs get bigger both in frequency and spatial content. All these samples started out as good, well balanced mixes yet we were still able to make significant improvements in their overall sound and character. Notice how the drums seem to hit harder, guitars sound richer and the bottom is round, tight and full without being "boomy". Notice how the upper mids and top end are clear and crisp without sounding harsh. Listen to how reverbs and effects come alive and how vocals become more present and intelligible. And finally listen to how the mixes have become more enveloping and interesting spatially, not just in width but in depth as well. The results are as dramatic as the difference between standard and high definition video. All this is the magic of mastering. It demonstrates just how important the process is to releasing a world class product.

You can hear more samples of our work by going to the Clients page and clicking on any of the CD artwork images.

Thanks to: Zombie Shaker Box, The Shamus Twins, Travis Howard and Deirdre Moncy.

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