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Mike Milchner

Mike straddles the line between being an old school analog guy and a digital geek. And while you may not be familiar with his work, just know that he has to be considered one of L.A.'s best kept secrets. His reputation locally is one of passion, integrity and fairness. He's spent the past twenty plus years honing his recording and mixing skills on countless recordings. Since 1998 Mike's focus has shifted toward mastering. Due to the success and growth of his mastering business locally, he decided to expand his client base to the nation and beyond by forming Sonic Vision in 2007.

A So Cal native, Mike grew up on the great music of the 60's and 70's. Like many of his contemporaries he was moved by the music of that era to get involved in the making of music. After trying his hand at guitar and playing in bands early on it wasn't long before he knew that he preferred to work behind the glass. So he attended audio engineering school in the early 1980's and opened his first studio, an analog 8 track, shortly after graduating. About two years later he upgraded to 24 track and never looked back.

Mike resides in Los Angeles with his long time girlfriend, Wendy. They're big sports fans who enjoy going to basketball and hockey games as well as water sports, travel and the occasional trip to Vegas.

Check out the Clients page to hear recording, mixing and mastering samples.

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