Testimonials from Some of Our Clients

Dhruva Aliman

"Mike Milchner is an absolute pleasure to work with. He aims to please and will wade deep into the weeds with you to get the details done right. I highly recommend this exceptionally skilled engineer and Sonic Wizard."

~Dhruva Aliman

Kirk Hulshoff ◘ Zombie Shaker Box

"I have been recording in studios since I was fifteen years of age and hands down my experience with Sonic Vision studios was by far the best I have ever had. I love my CD and believe me, to actually say that to myself even sounds funny, but it's the truth. The mixes and the production on the CD are extremely powerful. Moreover, Mike's mastering skills just put the icing on the cake. As a singer, Mike is very easy to work with, some engineers end up kind of over controlling sessions until it really doesn't feel like your song anymore. My recollection of Mike through the glass is a guy who is always upbeat and ready to try anything. And when he had an idea that I might try, 9 times out of 10 it was a good one. His knowledge of Pro-tools is top notch. When you're recording sometimes you need to move fast based on ideas and takes that come and go. He can re-do a track or get me to another track to try a harmony faster than anyone I have ever worked with. "Fastest fingers in the west" The mixing process was actually fun. We worked together for many hours trying all kinds of effects and actually moving parts around to check the composition of the song. Trust me, I am not an easy guy to work with. I want everything perfect and will exhaust every idea and scenario to get there. Mike did it all with a smile and by the time it was done I couldn't stop smiling. I've never believed in doing something half-ass, with Mike Milchner I never have to worry."

~Kirk Hulshoff, Zombie Shaker Box
Vocals, Song Writer

Lear Schwarze ◘ 3 Day Monks, The Palisades, Liquid Black

"I have been recording for thirty years in various recording studios and have worked with producer/engineers such as Roy Thomas Baker and Brad Gilderman in the past and I honestly feel Mike is the finest engineer I have ever worked with - bar none. His technical mastery of Pro Tools and his input in my various projects greatly enhanced the sound I was looking for while his creative ideas and easy going nature make him a pleasure to work with. He truly cares about the music he is working on. Not once have I ever been unsatisfied with a musical project that Mike was involved in with me."

~Lear Schwarze, 3 Day Monks, The Palisades, Liquid Black
Vocals, Song Writer

Laura Crockett

"Mike is the master! He's fun to work with and always professional. He is meticulous in turning a project into a masterpiece that will live forever."

~Laura Crockett
Vocals, Song Writer

Chris Cooke

"Mike has worked with me on many projects over the years and always brings a professional expertise to the table. From engineering and mixing to mastering, Mike brings a fun attitude that enhances the creative process resulting in the best recording you can hope to capture."

~Chris Cooke
Drummer, Writer, Producer

Scotty Lund

"Mike's a diamond in the rough! His ability to capture the true essence of an artist's particular sound is rivaled only by a handful of the best in the business. Very few I've worked with in the past have delivered consistently so much depth, clarity, and amazingly huge drum sounds in their productions like he has.... And as I feel his skills at mixing and mastering have always been superior, like a fine wine, they just keep getting better with time!"

~Scotty Lund
L.A. Session Drummer, Vocals, Song Writer

Tim Morrow ◘ The Shamus Twins

"I have worked on 2 CD projects with Mike Milchner as my engineer. The "Shamus Twins" in 2004 and my solo CD "Back To Delton" in 2007. In each case he brought out the best in the music. He has a keen ear and knows his way in finding the sounds that I was searching for.

Mike is a true pro. He not only knows his way around the controls but his insightful comments and suggestions helped me to make a CD that I am very proud of. My CD "Back To Delton" has received excellent reviews both here in California and the rest of the U.S.A. as well as Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

The skills of Mike are a huge plus to the music I make. I recommend him to everyone I know when they are thinking of going into the studio or need mixing and mastering."

Tim Morrow, The Shamus Twins
Bass, Singer, Song Writer

Bruce Lomet ◘ Chinaski

"We wouldn't think of making another Chinaski album without Mike at the helm. His mastery of the audio toolset allows us the ability to open up the music beyond the original sessions, and polish the tracks to perfection."

Bruce Lomet, Chinaski
Vocals, Guitar, Song Writer

Jerry Juden ◘ The Shamus Twins

"I have recorded over two CDs worth of music at Sonic Vision with Mike, released one, very soon will release the second.

At Sonic Vision, I have recorded on tape and Mike's transferred this to Pro Tools, as well as recorded directly to Pro Tools. He has taken my old analog demos and made them releasable. He truly has mastered his trade.

Mike is quick to tune in to what an artist is trying to achieve and quite efficient. That means he will give you the most bang for your buck. Studio mastery? Ask and chances are Mike will have pushed all the buttons and twisted all the knobs to give you what you want before you finish your sentence. OK, maybe a slight exaggeration there, but you get the idea.

I've recorded in studios where I felt the engineer was trying to stretch the sessions so that he would get the most bang for his buck. Quite the opposite with Mike.

Mike achieves a huge drum sound, and a pro, massive sound overall with your basic recordings. Mike contributes positively to every aspect, from the first note through mixing, without getting in the way of you and your sound. If you don't have a sound, Mike can help you find it.

Guys on music forums I frequent have told me they have my stuff on their ipods, and it seamlessly flows from and to major label artists without a change in sonic quality.

I'm not a super studio musician, but I have been quite satisfied with what I've recorded. Then Mike works his mastering magic. Boom! The sound steps up to the big leagues!

Mastering is the most critical step in the process after recording your tracks, and mastering is Mike's forte.

This, from a review of my first CD ..."The Shamus Twins...remind me of (a major label act), only with a bit more punch...". Well, Mike's the guy who put that punch in there with his mastering skills.

As a control-freak writer/musician, I trust Mike, period. I can't see myself recording and mastering anywhere else.

Anecdote - While recording or listening to mixes of my songs, which we'd heard countless times during the process, never fails, I'll look up at Mike at his desk and he'll subtly be playing air guitar or lip-synching along. That's a good feeling. He's into the music, not simply a knob-turner or businessman.

I've whole-heartedly recommended Mike Milchner and Sonic Vision Mastering to my friends across the country, as I do to you reading this now. He's the best in my book.

Jerry Juden, The Shamus Twins

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